ody Poosanikai halwa / Kasi halwa

Poosanikai halwa / Kasi halwa

                                    Next to thirunelveli halwa,i like this poosanikai halwa. I have tasted this halwa only in marriage feast.They will serve only small scoop of this halwa,so i didnt get impressed with this halwa. But when i was pregnant ,my MIL neighbour came to my house to give  sweets for me. She prepared this halwa in big sambadam( big steel container) . I am not a big fan of sweets.But when i tasted this halwa,i have become big fan of it.Me and my FIL loved it and finished it within three days. Yummy halwa. After delivery, i lost sweet carving but in my mind i was thinking to prepare it one day.Finally that day came and planned to prepare for this year diwali. Initially i thought it is very easy process.just shred poosanikai,cook it,add sugar ,mix it .Thats it. Process is simple but it is time consuming process. Shredding takes more time .It take atleast 40 minutes for overall preparation.Finally i can able to prepare this halwa and get the texture and taste. It need experience to make a perfect halwa but i am happy atleast i could prepare an halwa little bit similar to halwa prepared by perfectionist .

kasi halwa


Poosanikai - 4 cup
Sugar - 1 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Color - a pinch
Cashew - 10 pieces.
Ghee - 4 tbsp

1.Shred the poosanikai into fine shreds leaving the green part.After shredding squeeze the water and keep remaining poosanikai in a bowl.
2.Take a thick bottom pan and add 2 tbsp ghee.Fry cashew nut pieces  and keep it in separate bowl.
3.In same pan ,add shredded poosanikai .Cover and cook it for 10 minutes in slim-medium flame.
4.Once poosanikai is cooked well and raw smell fades ,now add sugar and color.Mix well and cook in slim flame.
5.Stir it continuously.Stir till the poosanika turn translucent and become shiny.
6.Once the halwa comes together without sticking to the pan,add remaining ghee,cardamom powder and stir.
7.Finally add fried cashew nut and mix well.
  Either serve hot or cold as it is or transfer it to a plate and cut it into cubes.

kasi halwa

*Adjust sugar according to the taste.
* We can add any food color or can add saffron soaked milk to get yellow color halwa.
* Take time to cook shredded poosanikai before adding sugar.After adding sugar, poosanikai won't  cook.
*Cook till all the moisture in poosanikai is reduced before adding sugar.


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