ody Maravalli kizhangu poriyal(Tapioca curry)

Maravalli kizhangu poriyal(Tapioca curry)

In my childhood,i used to go to my periamma house in kerala for school leave.she use to make many yummy kerala speciality foods like avial,pineapple pachadi,appam..... one of my favourite dish is kanji with kappa(maravalli kizhangu) poriyal.It taste yummy.After my marriage,i came to know my husband like it a lot.After coming to US,intially we missed it because we dont know where it is available,later we came to know it is available in American supermarkets.My husband is more happier than me.so monthly once i used to prepare this dish.


Tapioca(maravalli kilangu) - 1 big
Onion-  2 no
Red chilli-5
channa dhal-2 tbsp
Mustard seed-1 tbsp
Broken urad dhal-1/2 tbsp
Hing-a pinch
Curry leaves-4 stem
coriander leaves-3 stem
Turmeric powder-1 tsp
Salt- as per taste
coconut-2 tbsp


* Chop Tapioca into half
* In pressure cooker pour enough water(Tapioca should submerge) ,place Tapioca inside and add turmeric powder and half amount of salt in it.
* Pressure cook for 3 to 4 whistle.Drain the water immediately and transfer Tapioca to another bowl.Else the longer the Tapioca in water,it makes it to become more soft and mussy.
* Peal the skin of Tapioca using knife and chop it into small small pieces.
* chop onion into small piece(not very small)

In kadai,add enough oil and add mustard ,broken urad dhal.When it splatters,add channa dhal ,curry leaves and red chilli.Fry till channa dhal is crispy.Now add hing.The aroma of hing will fill the kitchen.Now add onion.Fry till it is crunchy.(Crunchy onion and crispy channa dhal makes this dish more tastier).Add enough salt(remind,half amount salt is added while cooking Tapioca remaining salt can be added now).Add the boiled chopped Tapioca and give a stir.Once the onion mixer mixed with Tapioca add coconut (optional) and coriander leaves.Yummy tasty maravalli kizhangu poriyal ready.

*You can serve this poriyal either with kanji or even for variety rice.
* when you are cooking kizhangu,it should not be cooked more.when it is cooked more than 5 whistle.The kizhangu will become soft and mixed with water leaving stem alone.
* Those who don't like chana dhal,can avoid it. But having maravalli kizhangu with crunchy onion and crispy channa dhal give a maja taste.
*The kizhangu should not be watery when adding to onion mixer because it make the dish to become mussy and look like potato masala which we prepare for puri.so when kizhangu is boiled,transfer it in another bowl and rest  it for atleast half an hour,so that it will be become dry.


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