ody Ulundu vadai

Ulundu vadai

                        In south india, during festival and special occasions vada is prepared along with payasam. Vada and payasam is yummy combination. As it has very few ingredients, most of the mom's prefer to prepare ulundu vadai than paruppu vadai. The preparation is very simple and easy,but getting the right consistency is the award winning task. Based on the consistency of the batter, the vadai texture differ. I have tried in all type of consistency. Once even, the vadai become stone hard ,which ended up not edible. Right consistency vadai batter and right temperture of oil, will give a crispy outer layer and soft spongy inner layer.

medu vadai


Urad dhal / Ulatham parupu  -  1 cup
Rice - 3 tbsp
Ginger - 1" piece
Green chilli - 1 small
Onion - 1 medium
Black pepper corn - 1 tbsp
Coriander leaves - 4 tbsp
Curry leaves - 2 tbsp
Salt - 1 tsp

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* Chop onion into medium size pieces.
* Chop coriander and curry leaves.
* Soak dhal and rice for 2 hours.
                    In grinder, add dhal ,rice,green chilli ,ginger and salt. Sprinkle little water( say 2 tbsp) and grind it. When you see the batter gets thicken up, sprinkle again 1 tbsp water. (Sprinkle water when the batter gets thicken up and grinder couldn't grind smoothly). Grind it for 20 to 25 minutes.When the dhal and mixture is grinded well and the batter is soft,smooth and fluffy, transfer it to a bowl.
                  In the batter ,add chopped onion,coriander leaves,curry leaves and black pepper corn. Mix the batter well by using hand for atleast 5 minutes. Keep the vadai batter in closed container and keep it in fridge for 15 minutes. ( It will make the batter tighten and easy to make shapes)
                Take oil in a kadai, bring to medium hot temperature. Remove the vadai batter from fridge and mix well for few minutes.(Take a small bowl filled with water and keep nearby)Take a plastic sheet or banana leaf, apply little water,take a small bowl of vadai batter and flatten it in plastic sheet. Dip your pointing finger  in water and make a hole in center. Slowly transfer the vadai batter directly to oil without contacting oil and plastic sheet or transfer the vadai batter to right side hand and slowly slide to oil.After one minutes,turn the vadai to other side.( Reduce the flame to slim-medium) Turn the vadai every 30 sec or 1 minute,so that both side vadai will be cooked and the color of the vadai will slightly orange yellow. Cook till the bubble sound is slightly reduced. Serve it along with payasam for lunch or with coconut chutney for evening snack.


* Be patience while preparing this vadai. Take enough time to cook vadai, so that we will get crispy outer layer and also soft spongy inner layer vadai.
* The vadai batter should be pluffy. you will feel the right consistency of batter when you take the batter in hand , you can get a fluffy ball. When you drop a small portion of the batter in water, it should float instead of mixing with water.
* Oil should not be too hot,else the vadai will crispy out and uncooked inside.
*  If you are preparing this vadai as neivethiyam to god,avoid onion.Just add black pepper corns.


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